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10 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposer

Our garbage disposer works hard to keep our sinks and drains clear. It whisks away the remains of our dinner. It helps keep our kitchen a little cleaner during meal prep.

However, there are a few things that should never go down your disposer. They can clog your disposer, your drains, or even cause damage that may require the installation of a new disposer! 

At this time of year, with the holidays right around the corner, a new disposer or a professional drain cleaning is an expense few would like to see. Avoid that kitchen disaster this season by refraining from disposing of the following:

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2018 Starlighting Booth

Castle Rock Starlighting

2018 Starlighting

This past Saturday, PRO Plumbing Service participated in the Castle Rock Starlighting. This is a Castle Rock festival that dates to 1936 and is the biggest event of the year in our town. It was cold, snowy, sleety, and wonderful. One of the things we love the best about Starlighting is that it highlights local businesses and organizations, and entertainment. It is not just the lighting of our signature star on the rock, it is a celebration of our community. 

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