2018 Starlighting Booth

Castle Rock Starlighting

2018 Starlighting

This past Saturday, PRO Plumbing Service participated in the Castle Rock Starlighting. This is a Castle Rock festival that dates to 1936 and is the biggest event of the year in our town. It was cold, snowy, sleety, and wonderful. One of the things we love the best about Starlighting is that it highlights local businesses and organizations, and entertainment. It is not just the lighting of our signature star on the rock, it is a celebration of our community. 

Local Matters

It is a reminder to all that being local means something. Of course, our technicians see our clients when they come to prevent or solve a problem, but our office staff rarely gets that chance. We sipped our hot chocolate and tried to stay warm under our blankets while handing out candy and small promotional items, and I was delighted to put faces to names I’ve only spoken to on the phone. We had the chance to show the community that we are not a faceless, nameless big-box company.

2018 Starlighting Booth
2018 Starlighting Booth

We talk a lot about being a small, local, family company. Starlighting was an opportunity to show that truth. Our family, from our owner, Patty, and her son and his daughter, to her daughter and son-in-law as well as Uncle Al, our general manager, all helped in the set-up, take-down and manning of the booth (though Uncle Al also had a hand in giving away popcorn for Rotary). It was a great time, and we all had fun, just as we did last year.

We Support Local

I, for one, can’t imagine what Starlighting would look like if it was only sponsored by large, national corporations. Who knows, maybe it would be bigger and more elaborate. But I also think it would lose a lot of its charm and color.

By supporting local businesses, you also support the community we all live in. Next Saturday is Small BusinessSaturday. This is a chance to show all those small, local companies some love in the holiday season. PRO Plumbing Service is a service company foremost, so we do not have any offerings for this day to support local, but we will be highlighting a few local businesses that we love and support as the week goes on. Stay tuned for those names and websites!

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