Get with the Program

Do you have old thermostats controlling your HVAC system? Little levers that you have to fiddle with every time it gets a little too hot, or too cold in your home? When you leave the house, you must remember to adjust the temperature, so you aren’t wasting energy while you’re not there. Then when you come home, you walk into an icebox in the winter, or a stuffy oven in the summer.


Enter Programmable Thermostats

These digital devices have been around for years now and are proven to reduce energy costs. Most people see a savings of 10-30% on their energy bills! Programmable thermostats don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. While there are some models out there that cost upwards of $500, there are also many that are very affordable in the $15-30 range. The savings in energy bills can certainly offset the cost of the investment. In fact, cites an average savings of $180 per year!

It’s Programmable!

One of the biggest benefits of programmable thermostats is in the name. You can set a range of temperatures for hours that you are at home, days you are away on vacation, or adjust an hour before you wake up in the morning. These are the changes that will result in your largest savings.

In the Zone

This programming is also useful if you have zoned hvac. You can reduce the heating or cooling of unused spaces or adjust temperatures in different zones at different times of the day. These programmable options mean you are only using your heat or air conditioning where and when you need it, and you aren’t wasting energy when you don’t.

Easy on the Eyes

Another important aspect of the programmable thermostat is the display. Traditional mechanical thermostats can be difficult to set to just the right temperature and aren’t always easy to read. Along with displaying a current temperature, a digital thermostat usually has a display that is large enough to be easily read.

Smart Choice for a Smart Home

Some of the more expensive units come with features that make things more convenient in this time of technological growth. Some of these “smart” thermostats are still quite affordable at under $100. A smart thermostat can be set up through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Most of them are compatible with home assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Say, for instance, you are picking up a sick child from school. You know your home is going to be cold because your normal schedule doesn’t change until the end of the school day. You change the temperature right from your phone, and your home is toasty warm by the time you arrive.


Reduced Wear

Since your furnace and air conditioner are no longer running all the time, you may find the life of your equipment extended. They will cycle less frequently, which reduces the wear and tear on the unit and means fewer repairs and easier maintenance.

Speaking of Maintenance

Did you know many new models of thermostat have notifications to let you know when maintenance is needed? Whether the thermostat needs a new battery, your furnace needs a new filter, or there is a problem with your air conditioner, a smart thermostat can let you know right away. You can nip problems in the bud when they first arise and keep your units in top shape by staying on top of these notifications.


Need More Information?

Home technology is always evolving, becoming more convenient, easier to use, and more accessible to everyone. These days, if you want to keep your energy bills down, and your home comfortable, a programmable thermostat is a must. For more information regarding available models, or professional installation options, give the PROs at PRO Plumbing Service a call today at 303-660-9831. We are happy to answer any questions!

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