Like your car, your home’s air conditioner needs routine maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency year in and year out. Without it, you might find yourself in the middle of a hot summer without an operable air conditioner—and believe us, there is nothing more unbearable than that! With PRO Plumbing Service, you can relax in your Douglas County area home knowing your AC system is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature throws its way. PRO Plumbing Service’s air conditioner tune-ups keep your home’s air conditioning system working properly for maximum efficiency.

The certified and licensed maintenance team at PRO Plumbing Service has been offering Castle Rock area residents and business owners the best in quality tune-up and care services for years. Our PROs are seasoned, highly skilled, and carry all of the top-class tools needed to provide world-class service. You’ll rest easier and more comfortable for certain, so put your trust in the PRO Plumbing Service team any time you need maintenance!

Fewer repairs, increased lifespan, and improved efficiency—these are only a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you schedule routine air conditioner maintenance! Contact PRO Plumbing Service online or by phone at 303-660-9831 to schedule an AC tune-up.

Air conditioner maintenance

Air Conditioner Maintenance

If you appreciate how hard your air conditioner works to keep your family comfortable, then you should protect your investment and lengthen your unit’s lifespan by scheduling annual air conditioner maintenance checkups. Because of this, we recommend having the air conditioner tune-up specialists at PRO Plumbing Service assess your current equipment to determine your system’s efficiency. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly evaluate your system and complete the necessary maintenance to maximize your unit’s efficiency. This will save you energy, and in the end, save you money!

At PRO Plumbing Service, we utilize proven air conditioner maintenance techniques to optimize your system for perfect comfort and seasonal performance. Our maintenance service is completely all-inclusive, providing your system with the complete professional care it needs. Our maintenance service includes:

  • Comprehensive AC cleaning. Dust and other common pollutants build up in cooling systems, and can drastically reduce comfort and overall system performance, Our PROs will provide a complete cleaning of your system, ensuring increased efficiency and a lower risk of breakdowns.
  • Thorough parts and components checks. Each and every part of your system will be checked for proper function and overall health. This helps us to identify risks early, saving you the stress and cost of a breakdown or repair down the road.
  • Electrical connection and calibration services. Your thermostat and electrical connections will be checked for security and function, and the thermostat will be calibrated for accuracy when necessary.
  • Refrigerant checks. Whether your system is equipped with the previously-standard R-22 or the more common modern R-410a, our PROs can check the refrigerant for optimal levels, as well as check for any leaks that may have developed.
  • And more!

Ready to start saving money? Improve the efficiency of your home’s air conditioner with air conditioner maintenance from PRO Plumbing Service! Contact us today.

Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

There are numerous benefits to an air conditioner tune-up—both financial and timely. Not only can an annual AC tune-up save you as much as 30 percent on your monthly energy costs, but it could also save you hundreds of dollars (and hours of stress!) by identifying and letting you fix any potential issues with your air conditioning system before they become major problems. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency – When you get routine maintenance, your cooling system will work just as well as the day it was installed. That means a system that is optimized for efficiency and comfort, and the preserved effectiveness of your cooling system, resulting in a lot more overall comfort and more reliable cooling function.
  • Reduced costs – Maintenance is an easy way to keep your costs down by improving the efficiency of the system. Improved system efficiency means your cooling system doesn’t need to work quite so hard, resulting in more comfort at a lower monthly cost to you.
  • Fewer repairs – When our PROs diagnose and check your cooling system, we get the opportunity to check for any problems that may be beginning to crop up. This gives us the chance to rectify issues early on before they cause bigger, more costly problems.
  • Longer lifespan – By maintaining the overall health of your system, you can expect your air conditioner to experience fewer problems and last longer, far outliving systems that don’t get routine service. When you get maintenance every year, you can expect your air conditioner to last 10, even 20 years!

Don’t you want to experience these amazing benefits from an air conditioner tune-up? Schedule your AC maintenance today!

PRO Plumbing Service’s Diamond Club

Looking for an easy way to keep track of your home’s HVAC maintenance? PRO Plumbing Service’s Diamond Club offers comprehensive maintenance solutions to keep your system running at peak efficiency for as long as possible, saving you money and ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. As a member of our Diamond Club, you can sit back and relax while our air conditioner technicians continually provide HVAC maintenance at the start of the heating and cooling seasons.

Find out which level of our Diamond Club is right for you by calling us at 303-660-9831!

On-time Efficiency 

At PRO Plumbing Service, we value punctuality, efficient and effective service, and your customer satisfaction above all else. When you want to schedule air conditioner maintenance, you need a reliable company you can trust. With PRO Plumbing Service, you can rest assured knowing our trained technicians are providing the best maintenance services possible. For nearly three decades, PRO Plumbing Service’s Home Comfort Team has built a reputation for excellent HVAC services.

Schedule an appointment today and see why your neighbors in the Douglas County area, including Castle Rock, Parker, Castle Pines, and Sedalia, rely on our skilled technicians for air conditioner maintenance!


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