Having a top-quality, highly efficient air conditioning system is nearly a requirement to endure our hot summers comfortably. Is your current system failing to meet your needs, or just outright failing? Contact the certified HVAC specialists at PRO Plumbing Service to get the air conditioner replacement services you deserve!

PRO Plumbing Service has been proudly serving our Douglas County patrons for decades, and we can supply the skill and experience needed to ensure you get the cooling solution that suits your needs best. Our reputation is built on exceeding expectations, and your replacement is guaranteed to satisfy! Whether you make your home in Castle Rock, Elizabeth, or Highlands Ranch, the story is the same—come summer, your cooling system needs to be in top shape! If you’re tired of getting sub-par cooling, terrible efficiency, and having to call in for repair service on the regular, then it’s time to seek a Douglas County air conditioner replacement with PRO Plumbing Service.

Looking for superior air conditioner replacement services for your Douglas County home? Contact PRO Plumbing Service today to get the best in replacement services available!

Air Conditioner replacement

Air Conditioner Replacement

Your needs are always our top priority. To ensure you get the cooling solution that fits you and your home perfectly, we utilize ACCA proven methods of sizing and installation. We do this because we never intend to “just” provide you with a replacement; we do this to provide you with a superior solution that will guarantee comfort on-demand to combat our summer heat.

Our replacement services always include a comprehensive analysis and a recommendation for the system that will suit you best. Additionally, we will double-check our work to ensure your new system is performing to the best of its ability!

PRO Plumbing Service’s new AC systems come with these exclusive benefits for your home:

  • Right Size Unit Promise – Our AC comfort solutions are backed by a calculation system developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America (ACCA), to help us ensure air conditioner installed in your home is the right size.
  • “White Glove” Commissioning Check – We pull out the “white glove” and inspect your newly installed AC system from top to bottom, giving you the top quality installation you deserve.
  • Multiple Financing Options Available – At PRO Plumbing Service, we make financing HVAC services as easy as possible. With a variety of financing options, you can rest easy knowing there is an option for you.

If you would like to talk to us about a new AC system for your Castle Rock area home that will replace an old unit, call 303-660-9831 and request a FREE quote.

When Is it Time to Replace?

Many homeowners are quite attached to their current system, and will often opt for air conditioner repair before replacing. As professionals, we absolutely guarantee that if we feel that repair is your best solution, we will happily provide. However, there are some occasions where replacement is simply the right course of action. A replacement is in order if:

  • Your cooling costs are rapidly increasing. Noticing a steady increase in cooling costs? As your system ages, it loses effectiveness and efficiency quite quickly; the effect multiplying past ten years of age. At this point, you will save considerably by seeking a professional replacement.
  • You need professional repair often. A repair every now and then is nothing odd. But if your repair visits become commonplace (yearly, bi-yearly, etc.), you are paying needlessly. A replacement is guaranteed to need less repair than an older or malfunctioning system.
  • Your current system is not meeting your needs. Not cool enough for you? Never deal with heat if you don’t have to! You deserve quality cooling that provides the comfort you deserve! If your air conditioner isn’t delivering, get one that will.
  • Your system is too old. The lifespan of air conditioning systems varies a bit depending on type and quality, but generally speaking a system past fifteen years should be replaced. At this point, your system has likely lost nearly have of its effectiveness, and we can almost guarantee you’re paying too much for your cooling.
  • Your SEER rating is under 13. Why? Because over ten years ago the Department of Energy changed the minimum SEER for an air conditioning system from 10 to 13. Seems like a small number, right? Well, that number represents an approximate thirty percent increase in efficiency. If your system is under 13, it is definitely time to replace!

The Benefits of Air Conditioner Replacement

There are times when you need to replace, to be sure, but just as often a timely replacement can be sought simply for the great benefits that a new system can provide. When you choose a top-class replacement air conditioner from the PROs at PRO Plumbing Service you can expect:

  • Higher efficiency. HVAC technology absolutely booms, and each year we see products that are stronger, better, and leagues ahead in efficiency. New models have to work less and thus use less energy to get the job done—which can save you a bundle on cooling costs.
  • Improved comfort. If you’re dealing with an aged system that barely meets your needs (or doesn’t meet them), moving to a new replacement cooling system can provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for.  
  • Quieter operation. Most new systems are simply quieter on principle—more efficient systems with less awkward, noisy moving parts. But many also incorporate even further sound suppression, bringing you cooling that is drone and blare free.  
  • Higher home air quality. Home air quality has become a real big deal in recent years and older systems simply weren’t equipped with dust and mold mitigation in mind. By upgrading to a new, more efficient model you could help clean up and make healthier your Phoenix home air.

Choose PRO Plumbing Service for AC Replacement

PRO Plumbing Service’s team of air conditioning replacement specialists know how to professionally install HVAC systems to operate at maximum efficiency, but they also provide in-depth home or business analysis to ensure your unit is properly designed and sized to meet your needs. When you need superior cooling service in Douglas County, you need to look no further than PRO Plumbing Service to get the job done right! From the Tech Center all the way to Monument, you’ll find no team better suited to bring you the best. We never rest until the job is done and done right, so contact us online today to set a date for your replacement consultation!

Since 1991 people in Douglas County have valued PRO Plumbing Service as their residential AC PROs.  Here’s why:

  • Top Level Industry Certifications – PRO Plumbing Service’s technicians are world class caliber professionals committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction.
  • People You Can Trust – Our air conditioning technicians take pride in their work. They have completed a comprehensive program of certified training to become a member of PRO Plumbing Service’s organization. All are drug tested and have undergone comprehensive background checks. Only the finest technicians are part of the PRO Plumbing Service Team and you’ll be glad to invite them into your home.
  • Satisfaction Promise – We make things right and won’t quit until you’re satisfied.

PRO Plumbing Service provides air conditioner replacement in the Douglas County area, including Kiowa, Littleton, and Larkspur. Learn how we can help you by calling us at 303-660-9831.

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