A winter day in Colorado can get pretty cold outside when you’re out and about, and even inside things can get pretty chilly. You need a heating system in place that you can trust, and you need it to stay in shape and at peak performance all season long. Who can you turn to for complete HVAC services in Castle Rock, Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, Larkspur and the surrounding areas? The PROs at PRO Plumbing Service, that’s who!

Our certified and licensed HVAC contractors have been offering reliable furnace and boiler service and complete customer care for many years. You can count on our technicians as your single source for furnace or boiler installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance. When you want experts who offer cost-efficient and reliable heating service throughout the Douglas County area, you’ll find no team that can do it quite like us.

Our heating services including:

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Furnace or Boiler Installation

A new heating installation is quite the investment, so naturally when you choose one you want it to be as accurate to your needs as possible. That requires a precise level of knowledge and skill that takes into account your preferences, the unique needs of your home, and your budget all at once.

With PRO Plumbing Service you needn’t worry! We have the training and experience necessary to help you find the ideal heating solution for your home, and we guarantee our installation will be administered in a way that offers precision and optimal comfort for years to come.

Our heating technicians offer the following heating installation services:

  • Gas furnace installation
  • Electric furnace installation
  • Boiler installation

Replacement Services

Is it time to schedule a replacement for your aging system? We know it can be a tough choice. Often homeowners prefer repairs over replacing, but there are many situations where replacement is a more time and cost-effective option, as well as a less stressful one. We would suggest furnace replacement when:

  • Your current furnace or boiler can’t keep up
  • The heating in your home is always uneven/you always deal with cold spots
  • You’re shelling out for professional repairs two to three times a year
  • Your current repair costs are too high
  • The heating system is 10 or more years old

Still just not quite sure? No problem. The PROs at PRO Plumbing Service can help you decide what heating service best suits your home and offer recommendations according to what’s most comfortable for you.

Our HVAC technicians offer the following replacement services:

  • Boiler replacement
  • Gas furnace replacement
  • Electric furnace replacement

Heating Repair Services

A faulty furnace in the dead of a Colorado winter is no walk in the park. When your heating system fails to meet your needs, you need a fast, effective solution that guarantees results! Our team can be at your door, equipped and ready to meet your furnace repair needs no matter the time or day!

Contact our heating technicians for repair service if:

  • Your system is making odd sounds
  • There are strange odors coming from your heating system
  • Airflow is weak or nonexistent
  • Your furnace is blowing cool or cold air


Our heating technicians offer the following furnace repair services:

  • Boiler repair
  • Gas furnace repair
  • Electric furnace repair


Is it an emergency? PRO Plumbing Service offers reliable emergency heating repair services in Castle Rock, Sedalia, Franktown, Parker, Lonetree, and more!

Heating Maintenance

An HVAC system works hard to meet your needs on a daily basis. But this constant service demands a lot from your HVAC system, and without proper care, you could find yourself with lower efficiency, more frequent breakdowns, and even a shorter overall lifespan for your furnace or boiler.

Our heating technicians offer the following tune-up services:

  • Boiler maintenance
  • Gas furnace maintenance
  • Electric furnace maintenance

Let the PROs at PRO Plumbing Service provide all your system needs, performing our comprehensive maintenance services that are guaranteed to maximize your system’s potential!

Choose PRO Plumbing Service as Your Trusted HVAC Company

At PRO Plumbing Service, we value punctuality, efficient and effective service, and your customer satisfaction above all else. From gas furnaces to boilers, our PROs do it all. Whether you have emergency repair needs, maintenance requirements, or the desire to upgrade your home with a high-efficiency system, you want to trust your home’s integral comfort systems to experts who are qualified and reliable. For more than two decades, PRO Plumbing Service has built a reputation in Douglas County for excellent HVAC services.

Schedule an appointment today and see why your neighbors in the Castle Rock, Colorado area, including Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Elizabeth, Larkspur, and more rely on our skilled technicians! Contact us for top-rated furnace services today.