You depend on your home’s heating system to provide all of the warmth and comfort you need to get through our winter season’s worst. And much like any other machine or tool, your furnace needs routine care to keep working at its very best. Protect your system and maximize your investment with comprehensive tune-up and maintenance services provided by the professionals at PRO Plumbing Service!

For over thirty years our certified master HVAC professionals have been providing Colorado homeowners with the comprehensive furnace services they depend on to get the quality comfort they deserve. Our maintenance services are your one-stop shop for everything your furnace needs to run smoothly, cost-effectively, and comfortably all season long.

Looking for top-tier maintenance and furnace tune-up services in Castle Rock and the surrounding areas? Contact the Home Comfort team at PRO Plumbing Service online!

Furnace Maintenance

Furnace Tune-Up Services

Our tune-up services are geared toward providing your system with all of the care it needs to perform optimally all season long. Our seasoned PROs will perform a total analysis of your system, noting areas that need work and improvement, and carry out a detailed tune-up regimen according to meeting your needs and optimizing your furnace for perfect performance all year long.

The Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

A tune-up is so much more than just a “gotta do it” kind of service. When your system receives the routine care it needs, it will reward you with a slew of excellent benefits that aim at saving you time and money, as well as reducing your overall stress come this winter season! Benefits of proper furnace maintenance include:

  • Improved cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency. A system that works perfectly does its job faster, better, and with less work than a system that isn’t cared for properly. When you get routine maintenance, your system will provide all of the comfort you could ever want, at a much lower overall monthly cost.
  • Reduced risk of repairs and less costly repairs. It’s no secret that more than half (more like more than two-thirds) of the repairs we provide could be absolutely avoided outright with routine maintenance. Most repairs are needed due to wear on components, or a dirty, gunky furnace system, both of which are addressed and handled long before they become a problem when you get a tune-up!
  • Better comfort and air quality. Not only will you get better, higher-quality heating, but without all of the dust and grime buildup stuck in your system, the overall air quality of your home will improve as well. That’s right, not only will you be more comfortable’ but you’ll breathe easier, too!
  • Longer furnace lifespan. A well-maintained system is far, far more likely to last the “standard” 10, 15, or even 20 years that the lifespan projection promises. Without proper care, you’re looking at a furnace that will last little more than five to 10 years before they start breaking down often or losing drastic amounts of energy-efficiency.

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Members of our Diamond Club enjoy enhanced maintenance perks, a personalized maintenance program geared toward meeting your specific and unique needs, and the assurance that they are getting the absolute best care available in Douglas County. Ready to start saving more, and stressing less? Join the Diamond Club!


Adjusting Operation & Sequence of Equipment 25-35%
Removing Scale from Condenser Coils 25-30%
Changing Dirty Air Filters 10-15%
Adjusting Air/Fuel Ratio of Burners 15%
Cleaning Burner Assembly 15%
Eliminating Belt Slippage, Poor Fan Motor Alignment 15-20%
Servicing Fan Motor 15-20%
Cleaning Coils 5-15%

Choose PRO Plumbing Service as Your Furnace Maintenance Company

At PRO Plumbing Service, we value punctuality, efficient and effective service, and your customer satisfaction above all else. From gas furnaces to boiler systems, our team does it all. Whether you have emergency repair needs, maintenance requirements, or the desire to upgrade your home with a high-efficiency heating system, you want to trust your home’s integral comfort systems to PROs who are qualified and reliable. For over three decades, PRO Plumbing Service’s Comfort Team has built a reputation for excellent HVAC services.

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