Are you looking for a top-class team of professionals to service the gas pipes in your Douglas County home? If so, the team at PRO Plumbing Service provides you with the very best! From a new home gas line installation to timely repair and replacement services, our PROs are equipped with the training and knowledge needed to provide for all of your needs.

PRO Plumbing Service has been faithfully serving Colorado homeowners for decades. Our dedication to superior quality and customer-focused service is the secret to our success. When it comes to providing the best, we’re more than happy to share!

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What Are Gas Lines?

Gas lines are a series of pipeworks that convey natural gas to homes that use it as a fuel source. If you use a gas stove, gas furnace, or any other gas-powered in-home fixture, you have gas lines. These pipes are typically made of cast iron, steel, or copper tubing. They can often be seen connecting directly to applicable appliances.

Gas Line

Gas Line Services in Douglas County from PRO Plumbing Service

We are equipped with the training and tools to bring you superior service, and we offer a comprehensive list of services to suit your any and every need.

Gas Line Installation

The initial laying and installation of gas line is a very important job, and one our team takes quite seriously. The quality of the installation will impact the pipes effectiveness and longevity, meaning a good installation is going to serve you flawlessly for years, while a poor one will bring up problems, including potentially dangerous ones, in a real hurry.

Our installation process is perfect, utilizing industry-proven standards and techniques to provide you with an installation you can rely on for years. We will walk you through our installation process every step of the way, so you’ll always know the how and why when it comes to your service!

Gas Line Repair Services

A problem with the gas lines in your home can be a very real and large threat. At the very least, a problem with the pipes can halt the normal operation and function of your home, and at worst, it can put your home and family at risk. Our gas line repair team is dedicated to providing fast, accurate services that guarantee great results the first time!

Contact our PROs for gas line repair if you notice:

  • Strange odors. The first and most alarming of signs, the smell of gas is unmistakable. Utility companies add a product called mercaptan to natural gas (since natural gas is actually nearly odorless), giving it that signature sulfurous, rotten egg smell. If you catch a whiff, shut off your gas entirely can call on our team immediately!
  • Appliance misbehavior. If your gas stove or furnace seems to be operating weakly or seems to “sputter” when in operation, there’s a good chance that you may be dealing with a gas line problem. Our PROs will find and fix the root cause right away.

Spikes in utility costs. Natural gas costs can fluctuate a little bit from month to month, but generally, they stay well within a specific range that you should be quite accustomed to by now. If a bill shows up that seems quite inflated, your gas lines may be the culprit.

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