Winter Specials

Check out our seasonal specials below for great savings! We offer these deals as a way of saying thank you for choosing PRO Plumbing Service as your trusted neighborhood plumber. Below our coupons, you can find a few of the services we can perform at a significant discount while we are already in your home.

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First Responder and Military Discount

First responders are a valuable asset to every community. PRO Plumbing Service recognizes this with a 10% discount (up to $100) to all police officers, state troopers, sheriff's deputies, firemen, EMT's, and paramedics as well as all active military and veterans.

First Responders

Other Discounts We Offer

At PRO Plumbing Service, we recognize that many seniors live on a fixed income that does not always stretch to cover costly repairs. Along with a 10% senior discount (up to $100), we also offer several financing options to make repairs and replacements easier to afford. This discount is also extended to local teachers! PRO Plumbing Service understands the value in serving our community and we'd like to pass savings on to those that work so hard to improve our community.

Before we leave your home…

While we're here is there anything else you'd like us to do? We can offer a significant discount since we are already at your home if you need us to:

  • Repair dripping or leaky indoor faucets, baths, shower heads
  • Fix dripping or leaky outdoor spigots
  • Fix sink or bath drain that doesn't seal properly
  • Clean sink, bath, or shower that drain slowly
  • Fix toilet that runs or doesn't flush completely
  • Adjust furnace or boiler when it cycles on and off too frequently
  • Change an old thermostat (have you tried a programmable one?)
  • Perform a Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Clean out dishwasher drain (recommended once a year)
  • Inspect your washing machine hoses (you don't want them to blow!)
  • Replace worn or old faucets, fixtures, or shower heads
  • Install flood sensors to warn of water in your basements
  • Inspect water softener and refill with salt if necessary
  • Clean leaves and debris from outdoor air conditioning units
  • Water testing
  • Clean out garbage disposer (recommended once a year)